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From: Brew Maxwell
Subject: First Mate, Part 2, Ch. 3Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real
people or events is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic
descriptions of sex between men, and anyone who is forbidden by law to read
such material must exit the story sex loli pic
now. This story is being posted to the
Nifty Archive for the enjoyment of its readers. It may not be posted or
distributed by any other media without the written permission of its
author.First Mate, Part 2 is a continuation of First Mate, which can be found in
the Nifty Archive under gay/incest. While there are some allusions to
events that occurred in First Mate, First lolias dark
Mate, Part 2 is largely a
free-standing work that can be read without having read First Mate. My
other works in the Nifty Archive include Unusual Christmas and Nick's
Adventures, both in bisexual/high school, and From Slave to Houseboy in
gay/authoritarian.E-mail comments are always welcome.First Mate, Part 2 Chapter 3 We went to bed after the pissing thing on the beach, and I took
advantage of his then-hard cock. I was a shameless lolicon cg slut about him, and I
did everything and anything I could think of to give him pleasure. Until
then I hadn't given him an erotic massage, but I did that night. He was
utterly blown away by the whole thing, and he was too weak even to smoke
after we finished. He went to sleep and breathed as deeply and forbidden loli rompl portal sex loli pic
as I had ever heard him.
The next morning, when we were on our deck, nude, drinking coffee
after each polishing off a couple of bagels with flavored cream cheese,
Rick returned to our discussion of the night before.
"Do you really think it would be a good idea for us to invest in
this place," he asked.
"Yeah, I 16 yo loli pic do," I said. "For one thing, Nick and Charlie are friends
of ours. Good friends. For another thing, Key West is one of the gay
Meccas of the world, and there aren't that many nudist gay resorts here.
What is it? Like one other place? Hell, they have a fucking waiting list
of guys who want to stay here. That's good business, if I've ever heard of
"Well, you certainly have a point there," he tiny lolicon said. "How much will
it cost for us to buy half?"
"I don't really know. I would imagine, on the open market, a
couple of million," I said, "but we're sort of like family to them. They
might let us in for half of that or less. You want me to talk to loli porni illegal cp loli them?"
Rick was really pensive at that particular moment. I could tell he
was thinking it through. I knew he loved Nick and Charlie, even more than
I did, if only because magic loli bbs image he had known them longer, but he was a pretty shrewd
"Yeah," he finally said. "Find out what they need and what they're
willing to sell."
In a little while, Rick said he had to go see about something
related to the boat. He went inside ls teen magazine loli and got dressed. He came back
outside, where I was lolicon ls still lingering over coffee and cigarettes, and kissed
me goodbye. I didn't hang around the deck very long. I went inside, showered,
and got dressed in khaki shorts and a tee shirt--the Key West uniform. magic loli bbs image I
called Mike to tell him I would be in later, and he said that was fine. I
went into the office to see Nick and Charlie.
They welcomed me warmly, of course, and offered me pedo loli hardcore
coffee. I had
already had two cups, but I loliza incest accepted their offer anyway.
"What brings you around here at this time of day," Nick asked. "I
thought you had training with Mike Lawless every morning."
"Well, er, I do, but I wanted to talk to you guys."
"You and Rick having trouble," Charlie asked.
"Oh, God, Charlie. Are you fucking deaf? Can't you hear them at
night? If they're having trouble, Don Juan is having trouble getting it
up. Shut up and listen."
"No, it's not about us," I said, kind of embarrassed. "Can you
guys really hear us," I asked.
"I was teasing Charlie, Kevin. No, we can't hear y'all, but we can
see y'all, and we know there's no trouble between you. At least the
perceptive one of us can tell."
Charlie punched him lightly on his arm.
"Actually, I came here to talk business. You've mentioned your
financial problems," I said.
They looked at each other with pretty grim faces.
"We talked last night and again this morning about maybe asking you
if we could buy into this place. Now, don't get me wrong. This is your
business, and if you want to consider it a loan, that's fine with us, too.
But we can't let you guys lose this place. Or sell it to strangers."
They looked at each other, and I'd swear they both got tears in
their eyes. After a long pause, Nick finally spoke.
"Kevin, that is so kind of you and Rick. We've known him a long
time and love him like a son. lolicon sex images
We love you, too, of course. We can't let
you do that."
"Why the hell not," I asked. "We've got the money, and this place
is our home. We love you guys and want to see you prosper."
"Well, we just can't impose on our friends," Charlie said.
"Impose? You didn't ask us. We're asking you. I've been watching
this place for the last couple of months, and you're always full. Hell,
you could charge twice as much and still be full."
Nick and Charlie looked at each other. Charlie had a look on his
face that said something like, "See, I told you so."
"You really think so," Nick asked.
"How many people have you turned away this month because you didn't
have any vacancies," I asked.
"Damn. I don't really know," Nick said. "Maybe sixty or seventy."
"Sixty or seventy people or sixty or seventy rooms," I asked.
"Rooms," Charlie said. "Or cottages. Whatever."
"See, that's my point," I said. "This place is a one-of-a-kind
operation, and you guys should be making a mint. Rick told me about your
mom, Charlie, and he also told me about your accident, Nick. But this is a
business discussion, not a fucking family talk."
There was a long pause. Finally, Nick said, "We owe three back
payments to the bank. They've carried us because they're friends and
because they're gay. We need $60,000 like in two days, and we don't have
it. We've got $40,000, but our credit with them has run out."
"How much longer is your mortgage," I asked.
"See, that's the irony. In two years, we'll own the place free forbidden loli rompl portal and
clear," Charlie said.
I thought for a few moments. I lit up a cigarette and contemplated
what the financial risk might be to us.
"How much would it take to pay off the place tomorrow," I asked.
"Well, hell, we could find that out easily enough," Nick said.
"Call the bank, Charlie, and ask 'em."
Charlie looked up the number and placed the call. He asked to
speak to someone named Fred, who was, it later emerged, the president of
the bank. After the usual chit-chat that begins phone conversations in the
South, Charlie got to the point. There was a long pause in the
"Okay," Charlie said. "Get back to us right away, Fred."
"He has to look it up, right," I asked.
"Right," Charlie said. "It won't take long, though."
The three of us sat kind of squirming in our chairs. We all looked
at the phone a lot, and we didn't talk much. I was mentally trying to
calculate how much money would be involved. If they owed $60k for three
months, that could be somewhere in the $500k neighborhood. I had no idea
they were that close to paying it off, or that close to losing it. We
could easily manage to come up with a half million, I figured. Then it
occurred to me that we were tenants. What if, I reasoned, we parlayed this
deal into our buying our cottage and settling for something like $25,000 a
year, or the equivalent in percentage, depending on how things went.
Finally, the phone rang. It was Fred from the bank, and Charlie
grabbed the phone on the first ring. He listened intently and wrote notes
on a pad he had before him. After several minutes of quiet on his end, he
told Fred goodbye and thank you, and he hung up the phone.
"Well," I said. "What's the damage."
"We still owe $450,000.00, including little loli ukrain
the sixty thousand that's in
"That's not so much," I said. "Rick and I can come up with that
much." I really didn't have a very good idea of Rick's finances, but I
figured I could cover it from my trust fund, if I had to.
"That's a lot of money, Kevin," Nick said. "We don't want you boys
having to borrow against the boat and the business to help us out."
"We won't have to," I said. I explained about my trust. I also
told them I thought Rick had inherited a good bit of money when his dad
died. I know Grammy got most of it, and I also knew she would cheerfully
give it to us, if we needed to ask her for it. And, then, of course, there
was Uncle Stan. The money wouldn't be a problem.
They both seemed pretty excited. We agreed to have dinner together
that night to discuss it in more detail, but I knew we would own a part of
the resort before the week was out. When Rick came home from doing his boat stuff, he found me on the
deck of our cottage, naked. I was reading.
"Did you talk to Charlie and Nick," he asked, after kissing me
"Yeah. They're $60 thousand behind in payments, but they only owe
$450k to pay the whole thing off. I was thinking we'd give them that full
amount. In return, we'd get ownership of our cottage and a percentage of
their annual profit."
Rick thought about that for a few minutes. He stood up, paced
around, and lit a cigarette. I knew he was trying to think this thing
After ten lolitta naked pics minutes of that routine, he walked over to me and took my
dick in his hand. He slicked back the skin, exposing the head. He rubbed
it very gently.
"I always knew this wasn't the only head on your body, but I
thought it was the best one. Today you've proved me wrong."
"Does that mean you like the idea," I asked, knowing he did.
"Of course, I do," he said. "I think you're one pretty smart boy
to have figured this out."
Rick and I made love on our deck, as we often did. Then, later, we
got ready to join Nick and Charlie for dinner. The meal was great, but the
conversation was even better. They accepted our offer. The next day I
called Uncle Stan to see what his reaction would be. He thought I had
pulled off a coup, and he congratulated me. He said it would be no problem
for me to borrow against my trust, and he also said he would take care of
all free loli anime galleries the details in Panama City. Nick and Charlie still had big debts from
Charlie's mother's illness and Nick's accident, but at least they wouldn't
lose their source of income. And the best thing was, Rick and I would
actually own a piece of our home, land included, in case we ever wanted to
add on to the house.
The next two weeks were a haze of calls to Uncle Stan, visits with
lawyers, signing our names a million times, and all the stuff necessary to
carry off a transaction like that one. The time went by in a blaze for me,
especially since Rick was busy getting the boat ready and I spent time
every day working with Mike.
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